It’s funny cause it was them days
I hated the most even more than the other six days
cause niggas would host a party for bitches to boast
the hotties pictures were posted
exposed pages exploded
insecure bitches “I’m bloated”
got ugly bitches demoted
girls taking it off like it’s a sick day
the hate I tried not to show
but by Wednesday you’d know it
going from sick and eroded
to a damn shame
they just want fame
and today is the same
the parents I blame
it’s a video off of your girls face on which he came
but they still calling me lame
niggas claim, “it’s nothing wrong with sherane”
just a fucked up dame
clearly not home trained
and trained to get a train ran on like everyway
every day I see sherane’s all over the place
this isn’t the life she wanted she had dreams to chase
but with her brother having to take a fathers place
and her mother disappearing without a single trace
they were alone in the world
see the sadness in their face
her brother thought the hoe in her was just a little phase
and sherane was sick of seeing her brother always blazed
so they soon parted and started on separate ways
no family and insanity on rainy days
and by the time she was 17 she was a young hoe
she wasn’t gone be shit was what she was told
the “wait I’m pregnant” lie was getting old
she was paying the price for her decisions tenfold